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Anonymous asked: why are you so racist?


Because my ancestors were murdered and continue to be murdered by white people along with a laundry list of other atrocities and I like to oppress white people by talking about it.

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Laughter soothes the soul.
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Laughter soothes the soul.

I want you to crave me. From my lips, up to my words.
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:) #tbt #repost @curlsandstilettos @ceopass89 #drankšŸ¹

Apr 23, 2014

The Common Cold

I would like to call her but I know I can’t.

I would like to embrace her but I know I can’t.

She made me realize how fragile life is, and how quickly we go.

Her memory lingers but her voice is fading in my younger years-

-younger ears.

I can’t hear her.

I don’t see her.

This tombstone is not enough.

Is this some kind of constellation prize?

It’s a crappy one.

I cling to the things of you I have left— but like all things they fade too.

I hold on the one I have left.

Hugs for no reason.


He might leave me too.

I tell him all the time, you’re mommy AND daddy now.

And I see his smile fade..

"I miss her"

"I miss her too"

"How could the healthiest person in our family be the sickest? She never got sick or stayed sick."

"I don’t know.."

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How Producers Be in the Studio when they feeling they self

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When you are no longer the only child


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Check this out


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How Trey Songz watches basketball


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looooolllllll well…
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looooolllllll well…